Introduction – Who are we

When I first met Jou, I had just ended a long-term relationship in which I had experienced some of the best sex I had ever had. I was distraught over the loss of love but also in a bit of a panic over the loss of great sex. I am a married woman in a polyamorous relationship and my husband and I were still sexual with each other but we had the freedom to explore and find greater sexual compatibility elsewhere. Jou was divorced, a man who had been exploring the many possibilities in the world of group sex for the past two years and he was also recovering from a heartbreak. So here I was, mourning the loss of the relationship and wondering how the hell was I ever going to find sex like that again?

We will tell the funny story of how we met each other sometime but for now I will say that the chemistry was electric and instant: the kind where he touches you and you feel your panties getting soaked. I had never gone straight home with a man on the first date before but after that first kiss I found myself following him home from the restaurant in my minivan with wet panties and an ache between my legs, ready to jump on him as soon as we walked through the door.

I don’t recall how many orgasms I had that first night but it was great, mind-blowing electric sex and it just kept getting better from that time on. I don’t think either of us really wanted a relationship at that point in our lives but I almost don’t think we had a choice. We had to keep fucking each other. We could not imagine a life without fucking each other. Truth is: we don’t always even get along all that well but we are both committed to having this incredible sex for the rest for as long as we are able…

It has been almost six years and we are still getting better, discovering new things and having explosive orgasms together. It is absolutely amazing and the other thing we have discovered together is a mutual passion for learning about sex; talking about sex; reading, and educating about sex; and helping others improve their capacity to experience the greatest sex of their lives.

The name of our blog is Relearning Sex because that is what we feel we have done together. We have both found ourselves erasing so much of what we thought we knew only to replace it with something infinitely more beautiful and powerful. We do not mean to imply that we know everything but we are on a journey of expanding pleasure and desire and trying to extract from the vast pool of knowledge of others while integrating what we already know.

Believe it or not, Jou was already 49 when we met and I was 45. We are at an age when most people expect to be winding down sexually but here we are at our peak. We feel that we lacked the skills, the knowledge, and the mindset of great lovers when we were young and now we wonder what if… what if, in our younger bodies we had known what we know today? But I question that it ever could have been this wonderful before I knew my own mind and body like I do right now.



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