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Sex is something which society has partially destroyed and devalued for a lot of people. Patriarchy has done the most damage. People would rather discuss anything unpleasant in detail rather than discuss sex — nature’s greatest pleasurable gift to humanity. We don’t mean that people are afraid to discuss sex. What we do mean is that for so many people, sex is still taboo and for many sex is ugly. I remember my grandma saying something like “sex is that ugly thing married people do to make babies.” My mother in turn, was very sex positive — thank you mother! Please think about this, the sexual pleasure experienced through great or even good sex is the ultimate in pleasures. Sexual pleasure is the best experience to which you can subject the human body that doesn’t require chemical ingestion, or injection. According to some, sexual pleasure can be compared to the crack or heroin high. This article is both interesting and scary:

Anyway, we know we go on and on because we are in love with sex as an act and as a subject. We are indeed passionate about this beautiful subject. We read and write about sex, hoping one day soon we will be joining the ranks of sex educators, teaching the those who may not know enough about sex. We realize though, that we lack the credentials but hope that our experiences will somehow earns us credit. In our opinion, sex in this country is being plagued with what our younger generations learn from porn. The misinformation and atrocities our young learn from porn are destroying something so beautiful. Another big part of the issue of bad sex is that some lack the skills. But there is more, much more.

We would like, among other topics, discuss the “there is more to a relationship than sex” statement. First, who came up with that phrase? Are we the only people who see that the phrase tries to diminish the importance of, devalue sex? Yes, we all can agree that there are sex-based relationships but even those are not, cannot be all about sex or a man would die. Sex-only relationships are defined as such for a reason — both partners decide sex will be their main focus but sex is not a person’s only focus. Now, other relationships, the ones we define as less than a sexual relationship are focused on the relationship itself.

So many women are disillusioned and unsatisfied sexually that some think that most of the sex being had out there lacks pleasure for them. Women lose interest in sex because their sex lives suck, their men have no or very limited skills in the bedroom. Women shout, “I want to come too…” Some men feel sorry and regretful that they can’t last long enough for their partners to experience the pleasure they deserve but a lot of men simply don’t care. Many women just want sex to last “long enough” as most sex doesn’t… Then again, many women don’t want long-lasting sex for the same reason many avoid sex altogether, because sex sucks for them. We have heard women say that this makes them feel un-sexy, undesirable, not loved or respected enough to be worth the “effort.” Other have said that they were used to think that love held so much more value than sex, but as sexual beings, they also felt “left behind.” That was beginning to wear on them, and they can’t stop their minds from believing that there is someone else who will love them naturally want to satisfy this basic need, as well. By the way, religious background may impede with great sex and pleasure.

Great sex happens when we are so attracted, we must have each other. The desire to devour each other’s body is insane, unquenchable thirst, unsatisfied hunger. The feel, scent, and taste of each other’s body is unparalleled and feeling, smelling, tasting, and having sex with this person, enjoying each other’s bodies provides you both with never-before felt pleasure.

Great sex happens when I can assist you experience multiple violent orgasms and you are is so into the experience that fuels my ever-increasing desire. Great sex happens because you are properly aroused, fucked well, and are exhausted from cumming. Sex is so great for me that the last thing on earth I want is cumming. Sex is so great that we literally fuck for hours, though time seems to come to a standstill. Great sex never happens under ten minutes and after every ten minutes goes from great to greatest.

Sexual pleasure has no match when compared to any other pleasure that can be experienced by the human body.

This is a adult site, for mature audiences only



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